The TECU® ARCHITECTURE AWARD 2022 once again honours outstanding projects that make exemplary and innovative use of the extensive application possibilities of the TECU® brand. The competition includes the categories ‘Realised Buildings‘ and ‘Project Award for Students‘. 

Copper, more than any other building material, is brought to life by specific applications.
It reflects the entire range of architectural issues: historical and futuristic, manual trade skills
and technological progress - convention and innovation, technology and art, tradition and avantgarde.

TECU® products from KME are made of copper and copper alloys. Copper is a natural element.
Copper products are durable, recyclable and committed to the idea of sustainability "by nature".
For the manufacturing of TECU® products, copper is used exclusively from recycled stocks.
Copper is 100% recyclable, so there is a huge potential: 90 % of all copper ever extracted
and processed worldwide is still in use today. Building with TECU® is a commitment to sustainability.