Weihersteig in Klingenweiher Landscape Park

Wassertrüdingen (D)

ARCHITECTS Planorama Landschaftsarchitektur Maik Böhmer, Berlin (D)

INSTALLER Metallart Taubert, Greiz (D)


“A convincing example of aesthetic added value in modern landscape architecture. The golden copper edging refines the footpath and accompanies the development of the entire park. At the same time - artfully and unobtrusively – a metal sculpture is placed in the landscape.”

The Jury's statement

For the Bavarian State Garden Show 2019, the town of Wassertrüdingen has decided to redesign and expand its central green and recreational areas. For this occasion, the landscape park Klingenweiher (approx. 71,000 sqm) was designed and landscaped by the office Planorama Landschaftsarchitektur. The park is characterised above all by a series of small, sustainably created ponds and a wild, rural character. It is accessed via an artificial, custom-made footbridge – the Weihersteig – whose gold-coloured copper reinforcement now accompanies it and creates an exciting contrast to the surrounding nature.

The golden Weihersteig, about 1 km long, connects the northern viewpoint on a hill (Bergrose), a former landfill site, with a floating platform (Seerose) in the largest of the three ponds in the south. In between, it meanders over bridges and footbridges and leads through the existing wetland biotope with ponds, lush wildflower meadows, picturesque groves of trees and orchards. With its expressive design language and its copper edging with the impressive golden surface, the Weihersteig is the essential and connecting design element that stages and opens up the natural space in a unique way.